Richardson, Texas’ Hidden Waterfall

I love waterfalls! Well, truth be known, I love water. I enjoy finding waterfalls, especially when I find out there is one in a place I wouldn’t normally think to look – like the middle of a city. Richardson, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, has a really nice waterfall hidden away in a neighborhood park. It is a great place for a stroll around the park, a picnic, or a fun little photo shoot with each other. It’s a fabulous place for a romantic date.

When I found out about this hidden waterfall, I was told it was located at Prairie Creek Park at 2305 W. Prairie Creek Dr., Richardson, TX 75080. This is actually the address of the park, but it got us close enough to find some real gems at this park including the waterfall. I’ll try to give more specific directions for those of you who’d like to go find this beauty.

The first thing we discovered was an environmental educational experience across the street from Prairie Creek Elementary School (2120 E Prairie Creek Dr.). Rock seating and a stairwell down to the water make for a nature-lover’s paradise right down a short well-worn path.

Right across from the elementary school is a beautiful, little covered bridge. I’m such a sucker for a covered bridge, so I thought this was so cute.

It looked so beautiful as the sun was setting right before we left.
We always look for “odd things” whenever we are out on a date.
The parking lot for the waterfall is found near the intersection of Lookout Dr. and Prairie Creek Dr. West
This bridge is to the right of the parking lot.

If you go to the left of the parking lot, you will find . . .

Imagine a blanket with a picnic basket with you and the one you love beneath this tree. The sound of the waterfall is right behind you too. PERFECT SPOT!
I think this waterfall is quite stunning for a city waterfall.
Go find this waterfall and enjoy it for yourself.

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