By 2020 . . .

Remember when people predicted the world would end in the year 2000? Obviously, it didn’t so people started making predications for 2020.

1. The majority of the U.S. population will have at least one flying car or mini-copter – Ummm . . . no! I’m still hoping to own a Jetson-like plane some day though.

2. All Americans over the age of 21 will have a handheld device – well . . . last I heard more than 90% of Americans have digital devices, so I’d call this one almost correct.

3. The traditional family will be in the minority – depending on your definition of “traditional family”, this is now true. About 46% of children no longer come from a “traditional family”. Last year, I actually had two children come to me crying at separate times during the year wishing their parents would get a divorce so they could have two houses and get a lot more gifts like all the other kids they knew. Sad really.

4. We would no longer cook. Food would be delivered to our door or we would take a pill instead of eating – This might not be far off for several people. Thanks to UberEats, GrubHub, and DoorDash along with food delivery services with prepared foods ready to pop in your microwave, this might not be too far off especially for those living in the city.

5. People won’t carry cash or write checks – I think cash and check use is on the decline, but they still are used. They haven’t completely disappeared yet.

6. People will have self-cleaning houses – Oh! I wish this one was true!

7. The American church will become nearly obsolete like the many in Europe have become – There has actually been a huge decline in the church in the past 20 years. I just heard the other day that 70% less people attend church today than did in 1999.

8. People won’t have to go to a doctor anymore. They will be diagnosed through a computer operated system – Well . . . I guess teledoc seems that way at times, but there are still plenty of us going to the doctor to get diagnosed and treated.

9. Schools will be completely computerized and teaching will be an obsolete profession – they might have tried, but the research coming out from that experiment isn’t showing very good results. Let’s face it, we need human interaction to learn and to be healthy people.

10. Everyone will own a robot – well . . . I don’t know about everyone, but there are several people that utilize robotic vacuums, Alexa, Siri, and other robot-like objects.

What’s your predication for 2050? I’m going to hold on to hope that someone figures out that whole flying jet-car, so I can own one before I die.

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