All About Me & This Blog

I can’t be describe in a word. I’m more than one topic. My life is anything but normal. In fact, it’s a collection of random notes that end up telling my story.

I grew up a country girl. I didn’t live in a town. I didn’t have a named street running in front of my house most of my life nor was that street paved. The closest town was in another state. And it was a great place to grow up.

I currently reside between Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas. One town ends and another begins and most of the time even those of us who live here aren’t even sure where the change occurs. Finding wide open unpopulated space is a drive away now.

My husband, Jonathan, and I have been married for more than twenty years. We’ve lived in five different states together, and we love to travel and go on adventures together. We’ve raised four children together and currently get to love on grandchildren because of it.

I’ve taught English, Social Studies, Math, Health, and Science and 3rd – 9th graders. My passion is watching kids learn and grow. I love when they see they can accomplish things they didn’t think they could. Reading allows kids to go anywhere and experience anything regardless of their current situation.

One day, I’d like to be a legit writer. One who’s name is printed on the front of a book published by a publishing house because they picked it out of a stack of many. Bucket List Item #1 I hope to accomplish before I die.

I’m also a breast cancer survivor. I blogged my way through cancer at My journey continues to this day as a survivor giving back to those traveling in my footsteps. My sister-of-the-heart and I run Courage to Conquer Cancer and Courage Conquering Cancer. We sell breast cancer garments and supplies at Currently, we have no paid employees. Not even us. We are ran by all volunteers – mostly us!

This blog is a landing spot for my random thoughts. A place to practice writing. To grow as a person. To allow myself space to be okay with being me.

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